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Lowering your costs and giving you greater control over your projects.

Company Overview

We sell blocks of web designer, web developer and web programmer time.

Purchasing a single man month of time gives you a dedicated developer and a project manager for the duration of a single month.

Your project manager speaks fluent English and is available during continental US morning hours to keep you firmly at the helm of your project.

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Skills and Technology

Skills and Technology

Man Month Software is a development company that specializes in web based applications and dynamic websites.

Our technological emphasis is the combination of open web standards with industry proven web programming platforms.

We build heavy-duty solutions that are as fast as the wind and built to last.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Man Month Software was founded to provide you with the best of all worlds.

We combine the highest quality talent, strong lines of communication and rigid scheduling. The secret to our success is communication and management. Every project is started with clear requirements, milestones and metrics.

Man Month Software is dedicated to not only making your development cycle less expensive, but also faster and easier.