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Lowering your costs and giving you greater control over your projects.

Stop worrying about

  • Hiring / Firing
  • Full-Time employment
  • Employee Management
  • Maintaining an IT infrastructure

What you get

  • Dedicated project management
  • The highest quality product with a minimum of time and expense
  • Complete ownership of your work

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Each man week is a 40 hour week that can be split across any number of different kinds of developer. For example, by purchasing a one week package, you can reserve a designer for two days and a programmer for three days.

Man Month offers four different packages: Single week, two weeks, one month and two months of developer time.

Package Cost Rate
One Week $680 $17 / hour
Two weeks $1280 $16 / hour
One Month $2400 $15 / hour
Two Months $4480 $14 / hour

At Man Month Software we focus on speed and quality to ensure that you save you money while improving your quality.