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Lowering your costs and giving you greater control over your projects.

Process Overview

  • Project Requirements
  • Milestone Exit Requirements
  • Daily Communication
  • Sign-off

This procedural discipline fashions our talent into a high performance machine.

The daily call from your project manager ensures that your project stays on track and maintains your complete control.

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Product quality and project control are the measure of a solid and effective infrastructure.

Man Month Software combines production guidelines, quality spot checks, a robust versioning system and an integrated project management system to deliver the ultimate in quality and project control.

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Procedural Backbone

Procedural Backbone

We work with you to define clear requirements on every project, large and small.

Exit requirements for each milestone are defined and we ask you to designate a member of your team to sign-off on each milestone's completion.

Your project manager gives you a call each and every morning, keeping you firmly in the driver's seat.